Helen Theobald artist
Fishing Huts Straw Flowers White Horse Moon

Still Life


I grew up in Wiltshire, and find the wide open spaces of Salisbury Plain and the Downs with their White Horses cut into the chalk still exert their influence on me. I now live at Milford-on-Sea on the south coast in Hampshire, but was very happy to resume connections with my original home when I was elected a member of Bath Society of Artists a few years ago. Travelling over the Plain to Bath for exhibitions renews the excitement I find in the open landscape of Wiltshire.

Over the years I have tried various media, but have found that acrylic has given me the most scope to experiment. I love to play with different textures and glazes, and to add collage, charcoal and oil pastel to create mixed media paintings with rich surfaces built up of many layers. Really the subject matter is the vehicle for the paint.

I often choose still life as a subject. Most of the objects in these paintings come from my imagination, rather than being things set up in the studio. Another subject which has fascinated me recently is huts. I live in a village by the sea, and the wind and sea battered encampment of beach huts at Hordle Cliff is close to my house. These huts sit on the pebble beach under the cliff and face wind, rain, sun and storm all year round. They gradually lean, twist, warp and weather. For some time I have been making a series of paintings, both figurative and abstract, based on these huts and the weathering process. A visit to Hastings in Sussex recently has resulted in another series based on the tall dark multi storey fishing huts which sit on the beach there.

My work has been included in exhibitions at Southampton, Portsmouth and Bath City Galleries, the Royal West of England Academy Bristol, and in various commercial galleries in London and the South of England. Paintings are now in private and corporate collections in many parts of the United Kingdom, including the collection of the Bank of England and Hampshire County Council’s Permanent Collection.